Shutters in Fort Worth, TX

shuttersShutters are a classic, tried-and-true way to dress up your windows and create a beautiful Southern-style atmosphere within your home. Classic Window Fashions offers a full line of shutters to Fort Worth, TX homeowners, including in wood, vinyl and polycore materials. Select a paint or stain finish to perfectly match your home’s décor!

Beautifully Versatile

Plantation shutters in Fort Worth, TX are a versatile addition to any type of home and fit seamlessly with any décor scheme to give you a beautiful window treatment solution no matter what. They’re alluring enough to stand apart as a strong complement to your décor, yet functionally appealing when it comes to boosting privacy and blocking out sunlight. Best of all, they’re timeless, making your investment in shutters one that will last as long as your home.

Wood, Vinyl or Polycore?

Many customers wonder what the difference between different shutter materials is and what bearing it has on your investment in this luxury window treatment. Depending on your budget and the theme of your décor, you may gravitate towards one option over the others.

  • Wood Shutters are classic and beautiful, offering bold warmth and authentic appeal. They’re costlier, but it shows through in superb quality. They’re also well-equipped to stand up to everyday wear and tear that comes with use over time.
  • Vinyl Shutters are superb for those seeking a balance between cost and luxury. They offer the same beauty and versatility as wood shutters, yet are nicely suited for cost-conscious individuals with more contemporary window treatment demands.
  • Polycore Shutters offer high insulation properties against the heat, while exuding tangible beauty that exemplifies your design styles and trends. It’s also a great choice for contemporary designs and comes in numerous styles that can be customized.

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